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Get rid of your old tub and invest in a nice sunken down bath by lowering your tub that will definitely increase your houses resale value. The idea is to erase the line between the waterline and the floor for an exotic spa-like ambiance. The tubs : are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and can turn a simple bathroom into an exotic , retreat. copy Vivamus ullamcorper arcu et We offer quick and easy-to-apply financing solutions. Learn more about our financing options available! Spa like bathrooms, and large rain showers provide the relaxing backdrop for your bathroom remodel. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Cookie Policy With a simple shift in the tub and toilet area of this kids' bathroom, designer Emily Henderson freed up space for a double vanity and extra storage. Plus, she gave it a playful, contemporary look that makes the room bright and much does it cost renovate a kitchenA basic kitchen remodel on a budget—like a fresh coat of paint, a new refrigerator, and maybe even a refinished cabinet or two—is possible for DIYers, but any moderate to extensive kitchen renovation should be left to professionals, , especially where plumbing and electrical are involved. Licensed contractors can help you , with permitting and code, and they will install materials correctly—for a better final appearance and greater ROI when you go to sell. Thanks for helping us keep the bots away. Check the box and let’s get you where you’re going. While you’ll find cheaper kitchens from hardware suppliers like Bunnings, or smaller cabinet makers and businesses that put less focus on custom design and fitting, make sure you have a solid plan to respond to those unforeseen “what if” scenarios.average cost to upgrade kitchenHere’s the short answer: According to Harvard University’s Center for Joint Housing Studies, homeowners spend a median of $12,361 on their kitchen remodel. Sounds reasonable, honestly! But our research reveals that kitchen remodels can cost as little as $10,000 for a DIY spruce up , to north of $50,000 for a full out chef’s kitchen.To give you the most accurate picture of how much kitchen remodels cost, we’ll break down this ever popular home improvement project in four sections: Design costs can cost anything from three to ten percent of your total budget. Professional kitchen designers charge between $100 and $200 per hour on average to help you realize your ideas. Although some homeowners spend $5,000 or more to engage with trained professionals, a flat charge can also be requested. """"""""


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